Comparative treatment of simple indigestion, in goats by probiotic and prebiotic

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pharmacology ,faculty of veterinary medicine new vally univerisity


In small ruminants, gastrointestinal disorders are serious health and economic issue that cause significant financial loss. GIT dysfunction continues to be the leading cause of animal mortality, slowed weight increase, and decreased productivity in the small ruminant sector. The examination of 110 sheep and goats revealed that 71(65%) suffer from simple indigestion, the rumen is full, solid, and doughy; deep examination rarely causes pain. diarrhea, fewer fasces than usual, and increased direness no widespread response. No systemic reaction. To correct this disorder, recent alternative trends in goat rearing have led to the use of prebiotics, and probiotics treatment by oral administration. selected 10 kids from field cases of goats suffering from indigestion for were divided into 2 groups (group I – group II) and group III of 5 healthy animals as a control group. Group, I treated by AMINO GAR (mannan and B glucan 2g per Kg for 3 days as prebiotics, Group II treated by Digest punch (probiotics lactobacillus acidophilus with bacillus subtilis and bacillus licheniformi as 1ml per Kg for 3 days, taken serum samples to detect biochemical examination for examination of liver function test (AlT and AST, creatinine for rough detection of kidney function. Examination of ruminal fluid and ruminal juice. The results revealed that probiotics and prebiotics give good results for improving ruminal microflora and enhancing digestion, but prebiotics is potent than probiotics and improvement of liver and kidney function but prebiotics group improvement of liver function but non-significant effect on kidney creatinine.